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I'm bout that H-towwwnn, coming coming downnn 

H-town vicious, H- H-town vicious 

Ride around in that H-town 

(London speed it up) HOUSTON ROCK IT 

[Insert Beyoncé Houston lyric here] 

So I went to Houston, My faveeessss hometown. And it was mad emosh. Like when they played Beyoncé in the club and I realised I was listening to Bey in Houston I was like nahh dis teww much 😭😭. Maddd Emotional. 

So first thing I did (naturally) was go and look for Auntie Yoncés childhood home in third ward (I promise I'm not crazy). Here's a video of me walking on Beyoncés street y'all 

Okay fine. Maybe I am a little bit crazy

Right, I have a confession to make... Full disclosure I didn't do my research properly and so we basically went to the wrong house. I was on the right street though, and what's even more annoying is that I realised later (after I had left Houston), that the right house was literally across the street. Like literally opposite the house I thought it was. If I had stopped focusing on fucking google maps instructions and just turned 180 degrees I would've seen and recognised it. I'm still so so pained. Am I dumb? Yes, Yes I am. So I don't have pictures of the house, only the ones across the street 😔😔😔. Please don't laugh at me, I will actually cry. Not really but (really). 

We went down the road to Parkwood Park (which FYI is the park she chilled in, and her dad made her run in (while singing) back in the day and her record label, Parkwood records is named after it) and drove around her neighbourhood just to feel the spirit you get me? 

After that we went to a super fancy area where rich people live to see Miss Tina's new house. We wanted to go to her second childhood home that she moved to, but it was in a gated community so ze.

Unfortunately Miss Tina's is still being renovated so no one lives there yet. It was probably fortunate tbh because if Bey was there, Julius would probably have chased us off with a stick (gun). - Why is Julius so extra? lol JK I appreciate you Julius😜

I need Miss Tina to employ the best security company in Houston tbh, because that area was scary af. The house is surrounded by woods and I'm sure it's super creepy at night. 

Let the record show that I restricted myself to less than half a page about Beyoncé - don't say I never did anything nice for ya. 

After that we went to the Galleria mall for a bit of shopping and dinner. 

The next day we went to get some crawfish (and friends)

That Slap Yo Mama seasoning was bombbb! Tasted like yaji 

Crawfish is traditionally a Louisiana specialty but it's also pretty good in Houston and apparently it's crawfish season so yah. It was really tasty buttt I'm not a huge fan of messy food and omG it's the messiest #notcute. So I probably won't be having it again anytime soon. Afterwards we went to the hipster part of Houston - Montrose. 

At night we went for dinner at this really pretty Vietnamese-French restaurant called Le Colonial

The next day (my last day 😔) I had just enough time to go to sprinkleesssss. You might have heard of the famous cupcake atm (because America). Yeah, Sprinkles. I tried a few flavours and I was happy to find that the cupcakes actually tasted good and weren't just a gimmick. 

I had an awesome week in America, now it's back to London for a few days and then Naijjjj. Is it weird that I'm excited? 

Love, Mira 

P.S. I matched with by bitmoji again 💩

P.P.S Shoutout to Kam my favee for the best weekend (and for taking me to all the Beyoncé spots) and for being my photographer 💛 💛 💛

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