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Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World

I have several loves; food, my family, food, travel, friends, plantain and food. However my two obsessions in life are Beyoncé and Harry Potter. For more information on how much I love Beyoncé please click here. Strange mix I know but someone needs to throw me a Beyoncé and/or Harry Potter themed surprise party (preferably and) - just throwing it out there friends.

It's weird though because as a child I liked HP, but wasn't super crazy about it even though all my friends were. I read all the books as they came out, but didn't feel like I had to be the first to get them, or queue up all night for the midnight release. Up until a few years ago I had only seen the first movie because I was of the opinion that movies ruin books (HP movies 1-3 = trashhh, but then RIP original Dumbledore 😥 ). 

Then a few years ago I realised I had forgotten most of what happened and so I decided to re-read the books (this is something I never ever ever do, I usually read a book once and that's it). I literally read them all in a week or so - shoutout Amazon prime and the Kindle Owners Lending Library. Since then, I've been obsessed. 

Now, I read the Harry Potter series at least once a year, and it's crazy because I keep finding little things that I hadn't noticed before. It's not even that deep, like it's a children's book but I just love it so much and I think JK Rowling is a genius. I've seen all the movies now, including Fantastic Beasts which I loveeedddddd! I've even seen the West End play Harry Potter and the Cursed child which is the 8th instalment. I paid a ridiculous amount of money for tickets, and I went to see it on my own but it was amaaaaaaaazing. Worth. Every. Penny. No spoilers though because #KeepTheSecret 🤐

Anyway for some odd reason I had never been to HP world (Warner Brothers Studio Tour London - The making of Harry Potter). My sister likes HP because I basically forced it on her and she's been to the one in London, the one in Universal Studios LA and Florida. Yeah, I hate her.

Well, I finally got my act together and got tickets for last week Friday, which was my last day in London. It's basically a tour of the studio where the movies were shot and a lot of the artefacts are originals from the movie. The only downside was that it ruined a bit of the magic, but it was worth it because I finally got to try butterbeer! 

The tour started off in the Great Hall ... 

Then went through a section which had things from the Hogwarts hallways, such as portraits including the fat lady and mirror of Erised and ended up in the boys dormitory. 

The Gryffindor common room was up next, followed by Dumbledore's office.

Next up, potions lessons, down in the dungeons then Hagrids hut...

... The Burrow...

... and the Ministry of Magic and Umbridge's office.

The Forbidden Forest was one of my favourite parts of the tour. "The forbidden forest is out of bounds to all students..."

Then All Aboooaaaard the Hogwarts Express! Make sure you get off at the next stop for some butterbeer.

Finally, hop onto the Knight bus for a quick stop at Diagon Alley

Don't forget to stop at Honeydukes for some treats!

I loveeddd the tour and I would definitely recommend it to all Potterheads out there. More pictures in the grid below, enjoy :D.

To scale model of Hogwarts

P.S. My wand chose me ;) 

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem