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My sister came to visssiiittttt!! We spent the week doing what we do best, eating, dancing, eating some more and laughing. A lot. Have I mentioned how Zara is in my top 5 faves? (Even though she won't tell me she loves me back). Also appaz yesterday was national siblings day, so shoutouttttt. 

A: So, how was your week?

Z: It was fine, but I had a cold so it wasn't as nice as it could've been - Stop munchin' scrunchin'!

(I was eating crisps during this convo) 

A: So, you came on Tuesday right?

Z: Yah, Tuesday the 4th 

A: And you just crashed the whole day like a waste 

Z: Yup. 

A: So that was one day wasted 

Z: But it was such a nice sleep 

A: What did we do on Wednesday? 

Z: We went on a hunt for your tacos. We went to like 3 places that were closed 

A: Oh yeah, lol, everywhere we went was closed at like 4 in the afternoon. The Takos Al Pastor place I wanted us to go to was closed for refurbishment

Z: Yeah, what did we do?

A: We ended up going to the El Corte Ingles rooftop in Callao/Gran Via

Z: Yeah, we went to the rooftop and had tacos there (Central Mexicana)

A: Yeahh, and then what did we do after that? 

(Both our memories are trash as you will find out from this convo) 

Z: Ohhh we went and saw your friends right? 

A: Yeah we went to sit with them at the Torrijas place. Then we didn't do anything at night, we had an early night. 

Z: Then the next day, you were doing your exam 

A: Oh, was it that day? 

Z: Yah 

A: The next day I came back from work, we went to Pez Tortilla and it was closed 

Z: Oh yahhhh, that's what I forgot. Empanadas!

A: Yeah at the Argentinian place (Cambalache) in Malasaña. After that we went back to the hotel, I finished my exam 

Z: And I napped a beautiful nap, wow 

A: And then we did something after 

Z: Yeah we did.. errrrrrr... 

A: Goiko Grill right?

Z: Yeah, there we go 

A: My burger had a cute little hat hehe. Then we went back to the hotel. Oh no, that was the day we went for churros 

Z: Yeah, after Goiko we went to the churros place (San Gines) and then we went home. And those churros just tasted like oil, but it was for the experience 

A: Yeah, you just wasted money 

Z: Then. The next day was Thursday 

A: Friday. 

Z: Friday. 

A: Friday, I got back from work and we went to Street XO for the best rabbit ever

Z: Yahhh, ohmagaahh. That rabbit was .. we should've just ordered the rabbit and nothing else fam 



A: Mhmm that rabbit was LIT. Everything was good, but the rabbit was special

Z: Then .... On Friday I feel like we did the most but I can't remember what 

A: Yeah 

Z: We went to park errr des mantanias 

A: ... what? 

Z: Mantanias of the park, parque del montañas. Where we climbed your tree and took pictures of the temple thing

A: Hahahahaha Parque del oeste? 

Z: Is that what its called? Me it's montañas I saw

A: Where did you see montañas?

Z: That's what it's called 

A: Lol okay 

Z: Parque del montañas

A: So, we took pictures of the temple, climbed my tree. I feel like we did something else before that.. After StreetXO what did we do? 

Z: Parque de la montaña and Parque del oeste are the same thing 

A: I've never heard anyone call it Parque de la montaña before 

Z: Well, now you've heard it.. Anyway yah let me check my pictures. I can use my pictures to tell me what we did. 

A: Good idea 

Z: We went to eat all that expensive stuff at StreetXO then 

A: Yah that shit was costly

Z: Then we went to your house, then the park and the fountain

A: And the tree 

Z: And the tree, that's not high but it's high. Oh, and then we went to have pizza with your friends at Massa

A: Ohh yeahh, that pizza was MAD. I wish we had ordered one each 

Z: Then we went to get ice-cream. We are just fat 

A: We were so fat this weekend 

Z: Mezcla, mezclada, whatever the ice-cream place is called... Mestiza 

A: Mistura

Z: Mistura Ice-cream. And then we went home, and I got that stupid crepe roll from the place next door to the hotel. 

A: Oh yeah, looked so good in the photo. It was now trash in real life. Elz

Z: Next day was the most steps I've ever done in my life 

A: Really? 

Z: Well no, but it was long. We walked everywhere.

A: According to le fitbit we walked more on Wednesday

Z: We went to somewhere for breakfast



(It's a French-Japanese Hybrid restaurant and 'Furansu' is French in Japanese. Fun fact) 

Z: *sings* L'artisaaannn furanssssuuuuuu

Z: Ohhh then on the way to the park we stopped at the nutelleria



A: Best thing about walking, you find all these hidden gems and make unplanned dessert stops 

Z: And then we went to the park, cycled with your friends, and saw that cave waterfall thing. And then your friend fell over ha

A: Oh yeah 

Z: And then after that we were walking back to the hotel and saw the place literally called 'the best chocolate tart in the world'... Making cute pitstops for dessert 


A: Mhmm best 

Z: Then we went home, chilled, got dressed. Then went to see your friends, then went to Kapital

Z: They just added me to the party whatsapp group thing now, after I left 

A: Yeah same, and I'm leaving in a couple of days 

Z: Me that I'm not going to be back in that city for another two years 

A: Oh are you going to come here? 

(Zara studies Business Management & Spanish in uni and she has a year abroad as part of her course) 

Z: Probably, I can't see myself going to Barcelona because you said it's too Metropolitan and I want to go where they speak the most Spanish 

A: Cosmopolitan 

Z: Sure. Sooo we went to Kapital and it was wild 

A: That was fun, did karaoke 

Z: Heh, like twice 

A: Like so many times. It was actually a concert, because people were now cheering at the end. And they didn't clap for other people 

Z: Yeah, but they're mad .. it's only when we did songs in their language 

A: Yeah.. when we did Beyonce they were so uninterested. Then when we did the Spanish songs, they were loving it. 

Z: You know when we came on to do End of Time, there was some guy on the stage. And I was like get off. And he was like 'but this is my favourite song'. And I was like 'yeah well its our turn, so get off the stage'. And he was like 'alright fine, since you asked so nicely'.. 

A: LOL really? In English? 

Z: Yeah yeah 

A: Lol, I missed that interaction 

Z: Yeah, you were getting your mic or something 

A: I'm dead 

Z: Then, what else.... that sound technician guy gave you the neon bracelet thing and was pretending to be Justin Bieber with the wig 

A: Yeah, I didn't really get that because.. how? 

Z: I don't know .. blonde wig



A: Hmm.. And then the woman dancing on the stage took your phone and made a selfie video 

Z: Oh yeah 

A: And we were basically singing all the reggaeton songs over whatever song was being played because they ALL SOUND THE SAME. That was hilarious.. and they finally played a dancehall song. My first time hearing a dancehall song since I've been in Madrid

Z: Paaartyyy Animaaal 

A: Yeah. 

Z: Bubblin' a bubblin' a bubblin' a baybaaayyy

A: It's because it also has that same reggaeton beat 

Z: Yeah pretty much 

A: Theennn we had pizza, pon d club. Then we still went to papizza afterwards to have more pizza. Which I previously thought was amazing, but it turned out to not be amazing


Z: Why did you think it was amazing?

A: I don't knowww.. first time I had it, it tasted really good. I must have been super hungry or something 

Z: Hunger hunger hunger hunger hunger 

A: And theenn, Sunday we did nothing. Well we went to Tuk Tuk, but apart from that nothing 

Z: Yeah we just chilled in bed

Z: Yeahh and in Tuk Tuk and Artisan Furansu we ordered two dishes that they put bloody linseed in, or whatever it's called 

A: Aniseed 

Z: Yeah, that spice that tastes like licorice, and I hate it

A: Yeah, that was sad for you 

A: What was the best thing you ate here? 

Z: I really liked that rabbit 

A: The rabbit was the best. For me, the rabbit followed by the pizza

Z: No for me, the tacos were second best 

A: What was the really nice thing at the Japanese place?.. Oh yeah the butterfish was maadd 

Z: For me, the food at Artisan Furansu was ait. The sushi was peng and everything else was ait. I really liked those tacos 

A: They weren't really memorable for me. I'm sad that the Takos place was closed because mad 

Z: Yeah, and I also didn't have the tortilla. Such cry 

A: Yeah, such sad.. You also didn't have croquetas 

Z: Oh, yeah I didn't 

A: You also didn't have one ice-cream place that I wanted us to go to. Awks, oh well. Next time. 

Z: Yaaahhhh eyyy 

Z: What's that your favourite song again? 

A: Which song? 

Z: Si que tu me no me quiero

A: Haha please don't start 

Z: Si tu me tu me te quiere. No men te mentiendo 

A: Oh my God 

Z: Those are the words, don't know what you're talking about 

A: No it's not. It's Mami yo me siento tuyo, yo sé que tú te sientes mía

Z: Tu me tu me no me tuya, si que tu me tu me tuyo 

A: You know I'm going to write all this rubbish that you're saying 

Z: You can't, it's not real words 

A: Watch me 

Love, Mira 

P.S. Follow her on stuff @zeebaybz, she's nuts. 

P.P.S This is apparently what she was singing [1:20]

Adiós Madrid 😔

Adiós Madrid 😔

I need a job

I need a job