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I need a job

I need a job

TL;DR I need a job in renewable energy. Growing up is a scam

My time in Madrid is coming to an end, and I am freaking out! Not only am I going to miss this place like mad, but I also don't have a plan. Like I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing next. 

I studied Chemical Engineering at Uni and partly because I didn’t want to move back to Nigeria at the time but also because I knew if I didn’t do a masters straight away I never would, I decided to do a masters in the same thing (advanced this time 🙄). 

In the first few months I was borderline depressed. I really didn’t want to be in school and my motivation/will to do anything, including get out of bed in the morning was extremely low. In addition to this, there was a major change in my life which affected me pretty badly. So all in all I was pretty down in the dumps. 

In order to make my life slightly easier I decided to select modules that seemed like an easy pass (trololol). This was how I discovered my passion (too strong a word?) for renewable energy. I thought that if I chose modules like ‘Sustainable development & industry’ and ‘Distributed and renewable energy systems’ (why are uni course names so damn long?) I would be bored af, but at least I’d pass. 

I was so wrong, I ended up thoroughly enjoying these modules and my lifelong goal of moving back to Nigeria to work in one of the large multinational Oil & Gas companies and making shitloads of money was discarded. I had now become a person who cared about the environment 😫  (*gasps*). This was not part of the plan. I was meant to finish my masters, move back to Nigeria and with help from my Dad get a job in the petroleum industry - duh. But if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans... amirite?

The problem is that renewable energy, while growing, is not quite established in Nigeria/the world tbh. If I asked you to name a few Oil & Gas companies you could probably name at least 3. But Solar? Wind? Geothermal? .. Bish where? Unless you worked in the industry you probably wouldn’t know of any and this was the case with me. I needed to apply for jobs in Nigeria and I couldn’t find any companies to apply to. As luck would have it I managed to get an Internship at a Solar Energy company in Spain, but still, most of the contacts I have made here have been for companies based in Europe or Asia. And the one person I met who had links in Africa hasn't really gotten back to me with anything ( I should send a follow-up email). 

So at the moment I'm at a loss for what to do really, and it's giving me major anxiety. I’ve searched for companies online and on Linkedin and applied to a few places but I haven’t heard back. It's so hard to find job ads in Nigeria, everything is done via connections and I haven't got the hands/range.

I was in Nigeria from September to February and I basically did fuck all for 4 months. The first few months were great, because I desperately needed to just chill and do nothing for a while. But by the time it got to January I was dying inside, I was soooo bored and I was grateful when February FINALLY (why the hell does January last like 3 years?) came around and I came to Madrid. 

Well I've only got a few weeks left in Madrid, and I will be back in Nigeria at the end of the month. I would love to have a job ready for when I move back, because I'm dreading going back and having nothing to do except NYSC (eurgh). But it's looking like I'll have to manage a random NYSC job until something better comes along. Growing up is a scam, don't do it. 

Love, (a stressed out) Amira 

P.S. NYSC is the National Youth Service Corps. You basically have to serve your country for a year and from what I've heard it is not great (understatement of the century)



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