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Things to do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai


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Hi guys. 

This is a post on fun things to do in Dubai. It is by no means a comprehensive list, and it also includes things that I haven't done in years/ pre-ameerkat and therefore have no good photos of, soz.

1. Desert Safari 

If it's your first time in Dubai, this is something you have to do. An SUV will take you on a fun ride through the desert. They go pretty fast over the sand dunes, so maybe avoid if you get travel sick. One time we actually had to stop because someone in the other car needed to throw up.

After the car ride, you stop in the middle of the desert for camel riding, quad biking (or just chilling), sand surfing, henna if you'd like and other activities. After sunset, there's belly dancing, flame throwing and other performances (depends on the company) and dinner. It's one of those things that you have to do at least once. 

I won't put a link, because I can't remember which company we used and I don't want to falsely endorse. Tripadvisor should have good suggestions though.

Shoutout to my cousin, follow her on insta @moroyogi 

2. Burj Khalifa

Obvvv you have to go to the top of the tallest building in the world. Dubai/UAE have an obsession with breaking world records. You can get tickets in Dubai mall or pre-book online here. You get into a high speed elevator (world's fastest at 10m/s), which takes you to an observation deck at the top. You get greaatt views of Dubai, provided it's a smog-free day. It's gorgeous. 

d916a774-dac4-477a-b3f0-63b312d6d39a 2.JPG

If you haven't had enough of the view, then you should book a table at at.mosphere, world's highest restaurant. Try and get a table by the window for stunning views while you dine. I haven't been in years (it's one of those things that you do only once) but from what I recall the food was really good. I mean you're paying for the view, but at least the food is worth it. 

There's also a lounge, if you'd prefer drinks or something a bit more casual. 

3. Dubai Mall 

Shopping. Nuff said.

There's also loads of restaurants, a cinema and an ice skating rink. It's also the 5th largest shopping mall in the world. 

N.B. Mall of the Emirates is smaller, but has Ski Dubai if you're into indoor skiing. 

4. Dancing fountains

They are fountains. They dance. 

Okay lol, so basically every 30 minutes, music is played and the fountains move in sync with whatever song is being played. It's pretty cool. 

It's the World's tallest performing fountain (remember what I said about world records?) (4).gif

5. Atlantis 

Atlantis is a gorgeous hotel on the palm Jumeirah. Main attraction is probably Aquaventure, the water park. It's not just for kids, some of those water slides are heart attack inducing. There's one called Poseidon's revenge, you stand in a capsule, and then the floor sort of opens and you fall through. The whole time I was on this water slide, I was just thinking I am too old for thissss. 

There's also the famous Leap of faith, this one is pretty much a vertical drop. I can't explain it, but just expect a wedgie that goes all the way up your rectum. Fun.

If you're not a thrill seeker, there's always the lazy river and other more chilled rides. You can also play with dolphins, and get that iconic facebook profile picture of yourself kissing a dolphin. FYI Dolphins. Thought you should know :D


Anyway, if you'd rather spend your money on food, there are several restaurants at the Atlantis. 


6. The Westin

Speaking of food, the Westin hotel has one of the largest buffets I've ever been to in my life. It's called Bubbalicious brunch and it's only on Fridays. It is honestly one of the most overwhelming and stressful food experiences I've ever had. Rooms and rooms and rooms and outside and poolside and more rooms of food. There was a whole room of cheese. Just cheese. It's insane.

This was all in one place. Bubbalicious deserves it's own photo grid because I need you guys to understand the magnitude. Like I would think I had seen everything, then magically a new section would appear. 

You can either get the bottomless booze package, or go alcohol free (cheaper obv). Just make sure you're very hungry on the day you go. Annoyingly, on the day we went the service was shite. The staff just seemed tired and like they wanted to go home and that was a bit annoying. Hopefully you have a better experience. 

7. IMG worlds of adventure 

Worlds largest indoor theme park. There are different zones, so like there's a marvel themed one, a cartoon network one and others

8. Eaaaaattttttt 

Dubai has amazing restaurants, everything you get everywhere else in the world you will find in Dubai. My favourite from my last trip was Coya. It's Peruvian and the food is amazing! 

Other faves include: 

  • Peppercrab - Have the chilli crab
  • La petite maison 
  • Parkers - The Lotus cappuccino is to dieee 
  • La Serre 
  • Sarabeth's (Yes the NY one!) - French toast 
  • Eataly - this is an Italian restaurant, creperie, gelateria, nutella dessert place AND supermarket all in one. It's the best place in the world. 

9. Go off roading 

Spend a day driving a dune buggy or quad bike through the desert. If you're an outdoors-y type of person you will love this. 

10. Jet skiing 

Not gonna lieee, this was not my favourite activity. I was like jet-skiing, it's just quad-biking on water, fun! It was way harder, I had issues controlling the jet ski and kept thinking I was going to fall off. I got into it in the end, but if it's your first time, proceed with caution. 

11. Boat ride

Go on a sunset cruise on the Dubai marina. There are several options, some include dinner or lunch, some don't. You can also get a private yacht, and the main highlight of this (imo) is that you can swim in the gulf for a bit. So, I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. 

12. Day trip to Abu Dhabi 

Abu Dhabi is only a 1-2 hour drive away from Dubai and you can definitely do everything you need to do in a day. Post coming soon ... 

13. Deira 

If you get bored of all the new and shiny, you can visit the souks in Deira. Here you can buy gold, fabric, get abayas and other dresses made to measure, or you can just go for the experience. Haggle. Hard. 

14. City walk 

This is sort of an outdoor shopping mall. It's really nice just to go for a chilled evening stroll with the fam, or a date.

15. JBR 

You can go to Jumeirah Beach Residence for a chilled beach side walk. There are a few cafes and restaurants along the beach. Alternatively, you can cruise along the road in a car (there's always traffic because people generally drive by slowly in their drop top cars and just chill). Think South Beach, Miami. 

JBR and city walk are great for chilling and people watching. They both have a lot of instagrammable spots. 

I'll stop there. I like 15, it's a nice number. As I said this list is not comprehensive, so feel free to add stuff in the comments.

Love, Mira x