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I just wanna take a moment to shoutout @nabomsen on insta. I'd been feeling very meh about blogging lately, and was seriously thinking of stopping. I just wasn't feeling it anymore, it had become a bit of a chore and it just seemed longgggg. Then after a month-long social media hiatus, I logged into insta and saw the most wonderful post by @nabomsen. I was truly touched and flattered and I immediately picked up my laptop and started working on this post. I don't know you personally, but you are amazing and I appreciate you! 

Now, I realise Coachella was in April, and we are currently in August so forgive me. But I figure that someone who is still unsure about whether to go or not might read this and get convinced. 

Coachella was an.... experience. As soon as I heard that Beyoncé was headlining I decided that somehow, someway I was going to be there. Bear in mind that this was in January of this year, and tickets sold out fasssttt. Enter Musty, one of the most organised guys I know. He discovered that a lot of hotels in the Palm Springs/ Indio area buy up tickets and sell them together with their rooms as a package deal. Amazing! Accommodation and ticket sorted in one go. 

Tip No. 1: Most people who go for Coachella camp out in tents, so the hotel packages do not sell out as fast as individual tickets. Unless you really want to camp (some people will tell you that you haven't really done Coachella if you haven't camped - don't listen to these people. They don't want you to be great), do the hotel package ... it also works out a bit cheaper than buying tickets and accommodation separately. 

We decided on hotel, booked, and started counting down the days to Beychella (oh btw, for all you ignant people out there Bey is pronounced Beey not Bay/Bae. Never say Bae. Ever. Do you say Baeyoncé? Yeah, don't think so. Thanks.) 

Coachella is a weekend thing, there are performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday over two consecutive weekends. It's the exact same lineup both weekends so it's highly unlikely that you'll miss out on anything if you go for weekend 1 and not 2 or vice versa.

We arrived in LAX on the Thursday, spent the night in LA (got an airbnb), and after an IHOP breakfast the next morning we commenced the 3 hour drive down to Palm Springs.

Tip No. 2: If you're going in a group and at least one of you has a drivers licence/can drive, rent a car. Doing the whole bus thing is longg af and probably mad uncomfy. 

Our hotel (and most of the hotels in the area) had a shuttle bus that takes you from the hotel, to the Coachella venue. It left every 30 minutes so that was quite convenient. 

The lineup was ridiculousss and I had grand plans. I wanted to see Daniel Caesar, Black Coffee, Kygo, SZA, The Weeknd, Chloe x Halle, Snakehips, Tyler the Creator, Wizkid (who cancelled last minute like a mug), Jorja Smith, Post Malone, BEYONCÉ, Aminé, Dej Loaf, Cardi B, French Montana, Jidenna, 6LACK, Ibeyi, Miguel, Migos, Eminem and any other Surprise guests we happened to happen upon. 

Grand GRAND plans. 

Long story short, that didn't happen. 

Still haven't forgiven Wizkid for cancelling on the day of his performance!

Tip No. 3: Download the app

On the official Coachella app, you get to see all the performers, the schedule and what stage they are performing on. There were 8 stages, super spread out and performances go on simultaneously. The organisers are super smart and organised though, so it is unlikely that two people that you want to see would be performing at the same time. For example French Montana and Migos performed on the same stage at different times. So unless you have some really diverse taste in music you shouldn't have to choose seeing one performance over the other.

On the Saturday, we wanted to be really near the front for Bey so we stayed at the Beyoncé stage (formerly known as the Coachella stage) from about 8pm till when she came on at 11:30 ish. This meant we missed Post Malone, who was on at the Sahara stage at 10:00 and Jorja Smith who was on at the Gobi stage at 9:00 and were forced to watch Haim who were on the Beyoncé stage at 9:15. So it's really all about logistics and figuring out which performances are important to you. 

Was it worth the wait? Yes. Yes it was. 

When Destiny's Child came on I damn near lost my mind!! 

Oh, and we were (kindaaa) shown on the live stream. 


The guy with the red hat is my friend Musty, and I was right next to him so yahh by association..... 

Okay that was a major reach, but I am owning it and going with it. 

I'm sure by now you've all heard how amazing the performance was. And how symbolic and iconic and everything it was. No word of a lie. She was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

Tip No. 4: Stay hydrated. With your own water. DO NOT COLLECT WATER FROM ANYBODY.

.... Unless you're into Molly/Molly water (I don't know if this is the right lingo but yeah) lol. 

Also get a hat. 

You're in the middle of the desert, walking around for hourssss. You will need lots and lots of water, so don't forget to stay hydrated. Also be prepared to spend a lot of money, food and drinks are very overpriced. But unless you bring in your own food, you have no choice really. 

By Sunday you will be exhaustedd, but trust me it would've all been worth it. 

Tip No. 5: Get your Coachella lewkss ready.

Tip No 6: Wear Comfy shoes 

This is your chance to rock that strange dress, or hat, or shorts that you never thought you'd rock. Give them!! And don't forget the glitter/body paint/ henna/ random jewellery - try and stay away from cultural appropriation though. The fashunnzzz in this place is crazy. People steady doing the absolute most, so if you can't beat 'em (and you can't), join 'em. But make sure you wear comfy shoes, because you will be doing an obscene amount of walking and standing. I'd also strongly advise you to wear a hat, that sun is not a joke. 

Honestly, Coachella was so much fun and I would definitely do it again.

Love, Mira 

P.S. Shoutout my girl Adelleee!

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