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Barcelona II

Barcelona II

I've blogged about Barcelona before. The first time I went, I fell in love with the city. More so this time around. I was also really pleased to find out that my Spanish is still pretty damn good :) 

I was in Barcelona for longer this time around so I got to see more, do more and eat more. I travelled with people who had never been before so I went on another city tour - not that I was complaining. 

First we visited the iconic Sagrada Familia. Last time I was here I did not have enough time/ could not be bothered to go inside so I didn't appreciate how beautiful the building was. Honestly, the inside is breathtaking. It's even more awe-inspiring when you realise that the architectural designs were created by Gaudi over 100 years ago. The guy was a visionary, can't lie (Didn't rate him before, I take it allll back). Shame about the cranes though. They aim to complete it in 2026, 100 years after the death of Gaudi. 

Fun fact: The height of the Montjuic, which is a mountain in Barcelona is 185m. Gaudi was super religious and he felt that nothing man-made should ever be higher than God's work, so he intentionally made sure that the peak of the tallest tower, while impressive at 172m, wasn't higher than the Montjuic. 

After this we went to a view point ontop of the Montjuic for some beautiful views of the city. 

Then we went to the Casa Batllรณ, which is another famous Gaudi masterpiece. The building was designed to look like a dragon. The patron saint of Catalonia is St. George and legend has it that St. George defeated a dragon, so there's a lot of dragon imagery around Barcelona. 

Cheeky ;) 

The next day we went on a walking tour and got to see more important and interesting sights.

Including this image of two people kissing, that's made up of loads of different pictures. Very instagrammable spot. 


The next day we visited Parc Gรผell, another Gaudi monument. Appaz this was an estate designed for the wealthy but it ended up being a financial flop. Anyway now it's a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the top tourist attractions in the world. 

Now that that's out of the way, let's get on to the important part. Food! 

On the first day, we had dinner at the Marea Alta. It's a seafood restaurant on the 24th floor of a circular tower, so you get an amazing 360 view of the city. This place is all about seafood, like even the sea creatures that you haven't ever dreamt of eating (e.g. barnacles). So if you love seafood and are super adventurous and love trying new things, go for the tasting menu. Otherwise, don't go here. 

Day 2 we had Tapas at a restaurant called Mil Gritos

Day 3 we had lunch at my fave restaurant from my first trip, Mirabe. Its on Mount Tibidabo so again - views. 

Day 4 we had lunch at El Nacional, which is this really cool fancy but chilled food court-ey place with 4 restaurants each specialising in something different. We went for the seafood one.

Also, they don't close in the late afternoon (between lunch service and dinner service) like most places in Barcelona do. They're open all day, so that's an added bonus. Great for a late lunch/early dinner. 

Day 5 we had lunch at Xalet de Montjuic, again views. Barcelona is really good for scenic views in case you hadn't noticed. 

And dinner at Botafumeiro - this was my fave this time around. The food was so good! I didn't even take proper photos, but that seafood platter was BOMB!

In summary, Barcelona is great for food (especially seafood), beach, views, sun, culture, mountains, gorgeous scenery, parties ... what more do you want? BEST PLACE!

Love, Mira